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BEST Sofia

Just the BEST

BEST - Board of European Students of Technology

We are students from the Technical University of Sofia. We are cheerful Balkan people who like to meet students from all over Europe. We organize different international events so that young people can come to Bulgaria and get to know our culture, our customs and have a lot of FUN. We follow BEST high quality academic standards, giving students the opportunity to learn a lot of new things and improve their social and engineering skills.

Who are we?

Here are some of us!

 BEST Sofia Members

 BEST Sofia Members

.: Statement of purpose of BEST:.

BEST will develop activities in order to help European students of technology become more internationally minded, reach a better understanding of European cultures and develop the capacity to work on an international basis.

We will achieve this purpose through the active involvement of our members in challenging and innovative projects, providing the conditions for their personal development and putting their abilities to full use. We will value integrity and seek a wide range of contributions to the advancement of the association.

We want to provide European students of technology with development opportunities, while broadening their knowledge of other cultures. As a result, we hope to bring a significant added value to the services provided by the universities, thereby increasing the potential contribution of students to their communities.

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